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We have provided all of your question here complete guide to earn from here

If you have joined one month ago, but you did not refer anyone, then your payment will be rejected. To get this payment you must refer two people. (for one month age account)

When you have tried to ignore our short video ads just watch long video ads, We have checked your all history and find out the issues, then cut your balance. If you want to get paid here You must follow our rules of ours. You have to watch all ads of ours

First step to earn from here is you have to register here and do email verify.

You have to Recharge 500 tk in your account to earn from here

Click Plan Menu, You have to subcribe a member plan to earn from here

we are waiting to include here your future issues

If you want to do better, take Gold plan and earn more and do more refer

Thousand of company in this sector took thousands people money. But you can think that our minimum withdraw is only 100 tk. In our others any competitive company no one provides such as minimum withdraw. Just remind that we are for you we will never do what others company did before.

Yes, We have thousand of customers who work regular and get paid regular. Maximum customers busy with earning, they disliked to publish their earning. But you can search in youtube. We got a video from our youtube search: https://youtu.be/e6Xjo4ldkU8

You can register tkkamai.com easily. Check our video: https://youtu.be/XQ_DYYGruZM

Check our video where we have provided: https://youtu.be/OAENQa1YutY

100% Trusted and Guaranteed site which must pay you for your time of here.

If you are doing any wrong with us, We must ban you. Popular ban reason is, 1. same IP many accounts login 2. provide us a fake deposit, 3. provide wrong information, 4. Ignore little ads, 5, Failed to refer monthly 2 refer, 6. Using VPN or other tools which changes your IP, we must follow your login IP (using several IP of login is the reason for your account ban)

Sometimes ads click not worked? when You click view ads, then redirect to same page?.....Main problem is: There was a mistake with ads viewing in your device. You have turn on another tab to view ads. When you try to 2nd ads viewing tab then your ads view button redirect same page. ..... Solution: You have to clear your browser history and delete all tab. Then try to log in tkkamai.com. and try to view ads. Then it wil be ok? For any issues, you can contact by creating ticket from your profile

Here minimum withdraw balance is 100 tk.

For 100 video, You can earn minimum 50-100 tk ; You can earn huge amount from your referral. as every referral you will get 100 bdt tk

Our Aim is to build a strong community with earning for giving time here where student can earn own pocket money or mobile money from here. there is easy condition to withdraw which is more comfortable for anyone. The main purpose of ours is to use our young generation for future better and decrease their mental depression by passing time here with watching funny video of our ads

Of Course, We must pay you, if you provides your time here

There are many kinds of ads we are showing here. Such as Animal Video, Baby video, funny Video, Newsportal, Motivation website, learning website. We are trying to build learn with fun type study, Survey, people lifestyle-choice-like-dislike which helps present young generation which is addicted with digital technology.

Yeah, We are Govt approved org. to work with young people with reducing wastage time internet.

Yes, You can join here free by registering tkkamai.com

We have used here BKASH, NAGAD and Paypal to recharge and withdraw from here

You can earn now by viewing ads, and can do earn from completing 10 refer. You will get 20% earning from refer and 100 bdt tk per refer. For completing the refer process, you have to give your referral link and register your referral. Then recharge balance and choose a plan. Must remind that without choosing plan, You will never get any referral earning. After choosing plan, your money will be automated add your balance and you can withdraw your refer money and get instantly

Please check contact page by our skype and email has given for any issues of yours, Also You can contact with us by create a new ticket by log in your account

What People Says about us

Most of the top earner gave here own quote about us

Touhidur Rahman
Silver Plan user

I withdraw today 820 TK and got this payment within 20 minutes from NAGAD. Thanks a lot, TK KAMAI Ltd to make the best payment provider a website in Bangladesh

Most. Razia Sultana

Today I have got 400 tk from this site. I have so happy that they paid me within 5 minutes. That's an exceptional side of this website. I have worked on many sites but no one paid me so fast as tk Kamai pay very quickly.

Monir Hossen

One of the best sites ever in Bangladesh with the quality of the payment they paid when my balance is 100 tk.. I am very happy to be a member of the TK KAMAI family. I recommend all to do and earn easily


"I have got tkkamai payment from the free plan. I have created an account 5 days ago and earned it today and got the payment in bkash i am happy with tkkamai"

MD Asibur Rahman Asif

"I have joined two days ago and got more than 300 tk from tk kamai. This site paid me within 10 minutes after my withdrawal. I suggest anyone can join and earn here easily"

MD mahfujur Rahman

"TK KAMAI makes my earning boosting by referral system what I use as job. I can withdraw here easily by bkash"

Mizanur Rahman Minhaj

Yesterday I have joined here and chosen free plan and earned 17 tk. For my own belief, I have taken Bronze plan and earned today 60 tk. I did a refer today. My balance was now 178.58. 20 minutes ago, I did my withdraw. 5 minutes ago, I get my withdrawal by Bkash. Thanks a lot Tkkamai.com. best wish for new comer.

Sohel rana

Best trusted site and enjoyed all ads. They have published their ads maximum ads are animal video which is essential to watch. I have enjoyed


I have created account yesterday. I have earned from refer and ads. Within 24 hours I have earned my plan purchased money from here. Thanks a lot TK KAMAI

Musa Mamun
Top Earner

I am here from Dhaka kerani Gonj. I feel happy to get weekly payment from here. I happy with TK Kamai

Hena habib
Top Earner

My husband was sick in this time my earning was zero. After searching in google I got the site name who pay Bangladesh & more trusted. Now My husband & me work here and earn more than 30,000 per month

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Our present target is serving Bangladesh people 2021 to 2025

TK KAMAI is one of the largest advertising brand whose is doing several category service such as Educational video watching, Newspaper watching, Survey doing, Entertainment watching . We are trying to build a strong platform where unemployed and student can give their time and earn money from TK KAMAI. TK KAMAI has been proved that it is paid member any withdrawal within 30 minutes. We understand the situation of Bangladesh people's mind, we works to build Digital platform where people learn, earn and can do entertainment. For any adversting enquires You can contact us by our contact page