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What's the different TK KAMAI with other's site in Bangladesh?

TK KAMAI is totally different website in Bangladesh. We are trying to build a platform where people use their brain and learn something from and earn something for own self. For this reason, TK KAMAI must try to keep its own quality. TK KAMAI helps to build strong knowledge in Basic English grammar, We have added more than a thousand ads in English and English Grammer. There are also more than thousands of questions and answers in BCS questions where BCS applicants can enjoy and check their capability in BCS.

Our future target Dream
We are trying to use our young generation in learning. For this reason, We are building several two-three websites that are developed for building surveys in Bangladesh. We know our young generation loss their time by using their leisure time on Facebook and youtube. we have made the platform where they can use and learn and earn from here if somehow it's lowest-earning. Without the sponsor commission target, we never are increased ads price. We are developing also. But it's sure that the survey price must be increased. One survey price will be 5 tk to 100 tk which we are developing.

Please pray for us. Everyone keeps reminding you that we never do money laundering of your investment here. We are obliged to provide you best support with live support by skype also. You can contact us. We must pay you when you are eligible to withdraw from here. There is no limitation also.