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Life without money?

People cannot deny the importance of money because most things are necessary or money is not needed. Just as you need food and water to survive, you also need money to survive. Sustaining life without money is complicated because it is a basic need. The moral of the story is that in order to live an enjoyable life or just, you need money. You need money to buy everything you need, from renting a house to paying bills. Nowadays you can’t imagine life without money and with that said it’s important to have a real balance between your spending and your money.

Although money is important for everyday life, there are some people who have different views about the idea that money is not everything. Yes, money cannot be everything but it is a means to an end. There are some aspects that indicate the need for money.

One is that money means being dependent on everything. Money makes one self-reliant which does not make you dependent on anyone else but instead has the power to fulfill your own desires as your own. With money, you will have the ability to buy anything and everything possible without asking others. With this you can say that money gives you the strength to be self-reliant.